Artificial Intelligence

Informatics4AI works with organizations to support improved business outcomes for artificial intelligence projects based on text datasets.  We believe that better data makes a better model. We improve the performance of AI models (such as chatbots and conversational systems) using advanced NLP techniques such as automated ontology generation, entity-level sentiment detection, and advanced intent detection. By transforming raw text into labeled datasets, we help the machine understand the text with as much accuracy as a human.

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Informatics4AI works with organizations to improve the performance of search systems. Search is ubiquitous. It’s in every application/tool that we use today, including e-commerce systems, music services, job sites, social media tools, etc. But each application and site implements search a little differently. Some do this well and others poorly. Search performance is based on many factors. At Informatics4AI, we deliver enhanced enterprise and e-commerce search performance through relevancy tuning, document pre-processing, machine learning, natural language processing, query parsing, information architecture, etc.


Informatics4AI also works with vendors to improve and refine their go-to-market strategy. AI is complex and it's easy for founders, software developers or data scientists to get lost in the weeds. Informatics4AI works closely with vendors to refine messaging, value proposition, target market, etc.

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Why do we work both the buy and the sell side?

Informatics4AI believes that working on both the buy and sell side gives us a 360 degree view of the AI marketplace. The work we do implementing AI solutions helps us understand at a very granular level the challenges that practitioners face. This experience is invaluable when we work with AI vendors providing go-to-market strategies and communication plans. By contrast, the work we do with AI vendors keeps us in touch with the latest technologies and widens our understanding of what is possible now, what is hype, and what technology is just around the corner.

Most importantly, we only work one side of this equation in any specific assignment, and we never compromise our values of honesty and integrity.  

Informatics is defined as the engineering of information systems.
— AI is based on data and so to are today's marketing efforts