Phil Green

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Phil Green is the founder and CEO of Informatics4AI. Phil's vision for Informatics4AI springs from two places: decades of experience as a knowledge management (KM) entrepreneur and years of experience as an angel investor. 

As a CEO, CTO, COO, and Product Manager for KM companies, Phil worked with organizations such as Pfizer, NASA, Bank of America, USAID, Owens Corning, Cirque du Soleil, the Imperial War Museum, and many others. His work with these organizations focused on using information architecture and information science (including: ontologies, taxonomies, metadata, database design, and search) to improve access and reuse of knowledge assets.

As an angel investor Phil has invested in and worked with many startups in the Boston area.

Green founded Informatics4AI to respond to several critical trends. First, is the explosion of organizations seeking to use artificial intelligence systems to act intelligently on unstructured text for improved outcomes and superior business performance. Second, is the explosion of vendors and the massive hype/misinformation surrounding natural language AI, coming from both vendors and prognosticators. And lastly, the desire to help organizations and vendors navigate this rapidly changing space.

Phil has worked with software pioneers including Microsoft, Lotus Development, and Ashton-Tate, and information publishers, McGraw-Hill and Datext (the first company to put large scale database on CD-ROM). He was the CEO and CTO of Inmagic a pioneer in NoSQL document databases and a leader in the corporate research center market, where he focused on search, databases, information architecture and knowledge management. In addition, he was the COO of Lucidea for several years, a leading vendor in the knowledge management, special library, museum, and archive software markets. Phil is a graduate of Harvard College and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.



Informatics4AI associates have a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We assemble a team to meet the specific needs of our customers' requirements, which may include marketing professionals, information professionals, taxonomists, machine learning engineers, data scientists, investors, etc. If you want to join our growing team, please email us at

Please note, Informatics4AI also partners with many AI vendors.  Contact us to join the team.

The future is not yet here man
— But with AI its clearly getting closer all the time