Improving AI performance Through Data Labeling

Informatics4AI helps organizations improve the performance of conversational and natural language artificial intelligence projects. AI is based on data and training sets. Unfortunately, raw data (e.g. unstructured full text) is virtually incomprehensible to machines. This is the dirty little secret of AI. The key to AI success is the transformation of semantically ambiguous raw data into AI digestible data (semantically rigorous labeled data). Our mission is to help organizations with this step in your use of AI.

Improving Search

At Informatics4AI we also help organizations improve enterprise and e-commerce search through the application of semantic technology. As with AI, search engines do not understand the meaning of the words they index. But by turning strings into things (e.g. semantics) search can be greatly improved. We also improve search though relevancy tuning, document pre-processing, machine learning, query parsing, and information architecture. Keyword search and Boolean operations are decades old technology - are you ready for the next step in search?

Assisting AI vendors with go-to-market strategies

Informatics4AI also works with vendors to improve and refine their go-to-market strategy. AI is complex and sometimes it's easy for software developers or data scientists to get lost in the weeds. Informatics4AI works closely with AI companies to refine their messaging, value proposition, target market, etc, in order to help raise money, accelerate market adoption, and improve exits.


We bring decades of experience in search, knowledge management, information publishing, and artificial intelligence. We are using tools that process billions of text documents each and every day and have processed over a trillion documents overall. With this background, we can help your AI project or search initiative succeed.

AI is the new frontier. Let us help you exceed your goals and navigate the future.