What we do

For organizations implementing AI

Informatics4AI specializes in management consulting and information architecture services to support improved outcomes for natural language artificial intelligence projects.

We believe that - better data makes a better model.

Artificial Intelligence systems are revolutionizing everything. But it is critical to remember that AI systems learn from data and they cannot learn from the raw unstructured text stored in or being produced by most current systems. Informatics4AI works with organizations that are seeking to build an information architecture that supports the ongoing capture, management, and transformation of data to support machine learning projects now and in the future.

Data preparation, data labeling, improving meta-data management, and building ontologies for AI is hard and often time consuming. The machine actually requires "semantic baby food" to get smart. Sentences that any high school graduate can understand, must be processed and labeled for the machine to learn.

Informatics4AI helps companies with this process by: a) working with management to create an AI strategy that maximizes business benefit and minimizes dead ends and over-hyped solutions, b) careful review of costly "human-in-the-loop" processes and review of alternative approaches, c) analyzing the systems that produce the data and improving your information architecture so that the raw data produced from these systems can be more readily transformed into AI consumable data. Our goal is to enable the continuous ongoing capture, transformation, and consumption of data by AI systems, and the proper application of automation and human-in-the-loop solutions to maximize business benefit. 

Driving competitive advantage

As Jack Welch said "an organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive business advantage." At Informatics4AI we help ensure that organizations have an overall AI strategy for success, as well as a content strategy to produce the data your machine learning projects need.  We don't focus on the technology, but rather on producing measurable improvements for your business. 

We customize our services to suit your specific needs and requirements. 

Sample engagements

Management consulting services

  • C-level and senior management briefings on AI and conversational systems
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Educational seminars and webinars
  • Introduction to AI for non-technical personnel


Artificial Intelligence system design and implementation

  • Chatbot strategy and design services
  • Use of AI in knowledge management and search
  • Information architecture for AI projects
  • Ontology, taxonomy, and metadata development for machine learning projects
  • "Conversational Search" design and implementation